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Founded By Winnefred Darling

Moist Club, was founded by Intimate Escort Winnefred Darling, on December 2018 in London, and launched it’s new website in December 2019 in partnership with several intimate and non-sexual escorting websites such as DukesofDaisy, Kommons and Vivastreet. Our mission is to provide an easy to use, accessible, and fun place for punters and escorts to […]

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Escorting Tips First Time Escort Non-Sexual Escorting

Beginners Guide to Escorting

There are essentially 2 types of escorting that are popular in the UK; Sexual Escorting and Non-Sexual Escorting. Moist Club offers beautiful male and female sexual escorts a safe place to independently advertise their intimate services to respectful clients seeking discrete pleasures. If you are seeking non-sexual escorts or to sign up as a non-sexual […]

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Escorting Tips

Escort Hygiene Tips

If you are a veteran or just starting out as an Escort – mastering basic hygiene will set you apart from the rest and ensure your clients have a satisfying encounter, which in turn will keep them coming back week after week! Most of these tips are pretty basic, but there is no harm in […]

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