If you are a veteran or just starting out as an Escort – mastering basic hygiene will set you apart from the rest and ensure your clients have a satisfying encounter, which in turn will keep them coming back week after week! Most of these tips are pretty basic, but there is no harm in reminding yourself of the basics from time to time.

Clean And Simple

While hygiene may seem like a pretty obvious topic, surprisingly, feedback from members has shown that both male and female escorts neglect this in one way or another. Let’s explore escort hygiene in a little more detail;

  • Take a shower right before seeing a client paying special attention to your genitals, neck, feet (yes I said feet), hair and armpits.
  • Brush teeth at least 3 times per day, when a client kisses you he doesn’t want to taste your breakfast, lunch or dinner!
  • Change your clothes frequently – particularly if you are seeing multiple clients in one day. Clothes can pick up odours very easily and over-spraying does NOT help.
  • Change your sheets! If you are accepting in-calls, then your bedding needs to be fresh, make sure you have a few changes available!
  • Keep your room tidy and pop open a window between clients to keep the air fresh. Even in winter, fresh air is better than air freshener!
  • Get tested for STDs/STIs regularly and have the results to show your clients for their peace of mind.

Escort Hygiene Summary

In short, if you are seeing clients as an intimate escort – cleanliness and hygiene need to be at the top of your list. Giving your clients a squeaky clean experience is at the foundation of any intimate encounter. I’m sure you would not keep sleeping with someone who had BO and was always dirty, so why would a client want to pay their hard earned cash to do the same?

It may seem like a chore showering 4-6 times a day, brushing your teeth several times and constantly changing clothes/bedding etc but many clients have decided not to see the same escort again if just one of these points of hygiene is left out! And these are the clients who have more money to spend on escort services.

Most people who advertise their services as an Escort in the UK, would rather see the same few clients rather than go through 15-20 different clients each week! Additionally you may even get an extra tip from your clients as they will feel as though they are visiting a luxury hotel rather than a youth hostel!

Are you an experienced Escort with a story to tell? Share your experiences and tips on effective hygiene in the comments below. The top rated comment gets a free week listing!



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