There are essentially 2 types of escorting that are popular in the UK;

Sexual Escorting and Non-Sexual Escorting.

Moist Club offers beautiful male and female sexual escorts a safe place to independently advertise their intimate services to respectful clients seeking discrete pleasures.

If you are seeking non-sexual escorts or to sign up as a non-sexual escort, then you need to head over to

First Time Escorting

Wether you are thinking of becoming a Male Escort or a Female Escort, the methods for sucess are basically the same. Follow this guide and you will be on your way to making up to £3,500 per week as a sexual escort… Cha-Ching!

There are three important aspects to escorting – the first is presentation, the second is hygiene and the third is service! Read on for full disclosure…

How to take escort pics

The way you present yourself in your pictures makes the difference between wether a client will pay you £400 per hour or not bother contacting you at all. While professional pictures are recommended, they can have a negative effect – as punters who have been cat-fished (tricked) won’t believe that your pictures are real and likely scroll past you.

Here is a sample of near perfect pictures taken by some of our very own independent escorts;

These pictures with the exception of 2 are all amateur pictures taken with camera phones using the self-timer setting. It takes practise to get the perfect shot. If it means a client is going to pay upwards of £60 for a few minutes of your time, then why not perfect your selfie taking?

If you are a woman you should always include the following pictures in your sexual escort listing;

  • Boob Shot with and without bra
  • Ass/butt shot from a few angles
  • Full body shot, wearing nothing or sexy underwear
  • Shot of your face so clients know who you are or blur it and provide face shot on request
  • Shot of your feet, as some clients will pay just to suck your toes!
  • Shot of any toys you plan to use
  • Shot of any uniforms you have (worth investing in)
  • Shot of your room if you provide in-call services
  • Shot of you holding up a sign with Moist Club written on it proves you are real and we will give you a week free membership at a value of £15 😉


The second part of presentation is how you describe yourself and your services. Clients with more money to spend will pay attention to your description more so than those that can only afford a quickie / single service.

Your description should be easy to read, not too long and straight to the point. See the example below (make sure you don’t copy this, but put it into your own words;

Hello lovely Ladies & Gents… My name is Alyssa and I provide in-call services in my private apartment in London SW2. My apartment is clean with fresh sheets and towels available so we can enjoy a steamy shower together, before we get tangled up in the sheets. I offer a deeply intimate and sensual service, where we can explore each others desires. I am a discrete horny bisexual, who loves providing guilty pleasures to my clients. Come and enjoy the true girlfriend experience with me, I have a variety of toys and uniforms that will leave you speechless. I absolutely love sucking dick and my long tongue is equally skilled at licking pussy. I am very clean and get tested frequently. I only allow a few clients a day so you know you are getting the freshest pussy available.

Example Escort Description

Please do not copy the above, but do use it as an example to write your own description.

Your description should include some or all of the following;

  • Description of your room/flat/house if you provide in-call.
  • Description of your favourite services to perform or receive.
  • What clients can expect from you
  • where you are based
  • Special services such as BDSM, Foot fetish, Water works etc

The most popular service by far is the girlfriend experience. If you can master this, you will have the same regular clients each week.

Escort Hygiene Tips

Now that we have presentation out of the way, the next thing to consider, is hygiene. This is overlooked by a large number of adult sex workers – as a result they don’t get much repeat business. Luckily I covered escort hygiene in a previous article which you can read by clicking here.

Providing Satisfying Escort Service

Many first timer’s get flustered and nervours when it comes down to the intimacy, after all it can be daunting getting naked in front of a stranger, then performing sexual acts. What if you don’t fancy him/her?

The key to providing the perfect intimate service is firstly, to relax and then to be a very convincing actor/actress!

The more nervous or tense you are, the more nervous the client will be (unless the client uses escorts frequently). It’s better if you are cool, calm and in control of the situation. From interviews with our independent sexual escorts, often first timers mistakes (especially ladies), is letting the client take charge… Several ladies reported that when they began their careers as adult workers, the first few clients they had fumbled on top of them then penetrated before her juices had a chance to flow! Which left the ladies sore in all cases and lead to mild bleeding in other cases!

The best way to stay in control, is to make sure you speak to the client about what they are seeking from their visit to you, so that when they arrive – you are mentally and phsyically prepared for the task.

Here is an example of a female sex worker, taking in a new male client on an in-call to her private apartment;

Escort: Hello Darling, you look strong
-She hugs him and kisses his cheek as he walks in
Client: Hey babe, thanks and you look just like your pictures.
Escort: Let me take your Jacket. Would you like something to drink handsome?
Client: No thanks, I’m good.
Escort: Are you still staying with me for the 2 hours we discussed?
-She touches his arm strokingly as she sits besides him.
Client: That’s the plan…
Escort: Good, can I ask for my donation up front please?
Client: Sure, here you go
-He hands her over the agreed fee in cash
Escort: Thank you darling, let me just put this aside, I’ll be right back.
-She counts the money insuring the notes are not fake, then places it in a safe place.
***Note, you can also accept bank transfers if you like***
-She returns
Escort: OK honey, our time together starts now…
-She discretely sets a timer on her phone to go off after 2 hours and begins her seduction routine.
Escort: You seem tense, I know what you need, a nice massage… follow me to my room so I can help you relax.
Client: Sounds great, lead the way beautiful!
-She helps the client take his top off, starts to kiss his neck and rub his back as she gets him onto her bed
Client: that feels amazing, don’t stop please
Escort: You like that? Good, cause I like your body and can’t wait to explore more of it.

The above without getting into the actual foreplay is a shortened version of the famous girlfriend experience that most men are seeking from sexual escorts. The key is to make the client relax, while leading the interaction towards the end result – the service he requested before he arrived. In the example above, the client wanted a massage, a blow job and pentrative sex in a few positions. Once the client ejaculated, if he couldn’t get it up again he had the choice to leave, or relax with the escort for his remaining time.

Once you’ve found what works for you, you can use the same routine with every client – tweaking it slightly depending on the service they have paid for.

Top Tip: Watch A Porno

Although real sex is nothing like a hardcore porno, the acting part and noises the ladies make should become apart of any female escorts skill set. There is nothing worse for a client than a lady who does not ‘sing’ loudly while he is plowing her. Once you master your sex sounds, this alone can cause male clients to ‘cum’ within minutes of penetrative sex.

The typical Male Client will come a massage, blow job (without a condom) and penetrative sex. The slightly more adventurous client, will want to give you oral, and will pay extra for anal / tea bagging / face sitting etc. The more kinky clients, will want you to use toys on yourself and them, they may have a fetish – such as – getting pissed on (golden shower), or want to drink your urine (or want you to drink their urine) known as water works.

The typical female client will expect to have her pussy licked to kingdom come at the very least, whilst others may simply want a good, long hard f*ck! So make sure you can last a few rounds guys! She may also want to be tied up and spanked – of course this will all be pre-discussed prior to any booking arrangements.

We will be covering all the escort service abbreviations in another article which will be published soon.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to comment below.

If you would like to join Moist Club, please click here to sign up as an adult sex worker

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