To do or not to do

An age old question… Here are things to consider before signing up as an Escort in the UK

In this article we will explore the pros and cons of intimate escorting, to help those thinking about becoming escorts.

3 Advantages of Escorting

Part time hours, Full time pay

The money is clearly the biggest motivator for people considering a career as an intimate escort. Escorts in the UK earn between £40 to £250 per 30 mins. With most charging an average of £65 per 30 mins for in call and £100 per 30 mins for out call services.

Choose your hours

Once you’ve signed up to a reputable escorting website such as Moist.Club, it’s up to you to arrange the times when you will see clients. Weekends aren’t always the busiest periods surprisingly. According to our research a large majority of intimate escort bookings are made on Monday mornings just before work begins, and at lunch time! Nothing like a bit of nookie to help the food settle!

Your in control

You decide on what services you are going to offer, such as rimming, golden shower and anal to name a few. But more importantly, you can also decide on the clients you see.

Three Disadvantages of Escorting

Slow to start

Until you build a list of regular clients as a UK Escort – the first few weeks may be a bit slow – particularly if you are an independent escort. But don’t give up! According to our research it can take up to 3 months for beginners to get a good bunch of regular clients. The key is making clients feel like their visiting their romantic crush instead of a disinterested UK escort.

Lack of Romance

Escorting and relationships don’t tend to mix, unless of course you are one of the rare few who are dating a fellow escort or happen to be in an open relationship. Most people get into escorting solely for the money or because they have a heightened sexual appetite (and why not get paid to get laid).

Not my type

If you aren’t naturally a horny little devil, then it can be difficult to enjoy sex with people that you don’t fancy. According to our research, escorts who have a normal sex drive, enjoy sex with only 1 in 5 of their clients. Whilst those with a higher sex drive, find ways to enjoy themselves regardless of physical appearance!

Are you an escort or just starting out?

Though this is not an exhaustive list of escorting pros and cons… We would love to read your comments on this topic… So please do tell us what you think the advantages and disadvantages are of being an intimate escort :-). You can sign up as an escort free here simply click the green button at the top right hand corner of the website!

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